frequently asked questions

Please submit your questions by emailing us at: info@enginesofhope.org

  • What is the mission and goals of The Alanis & Adonis Foundation’s – Engines of Hope? To Connect surplus/retired Life Saving Firefighting & Medical vehicles with Communities of Need in the Americas.

  • How does The Alanis & Adonis Foundation – Engines of Hope accomplish this goal? Based on the current requirements of most US States - Fire Department Engine/Pumpers as well as Ambulances that are replaced due to age will not be eligible as Front Line - First Responding emergency units based on updated State Fire Code requirements and corresponding Municipal Insurance requirements. It is the intention of Engines of Hope (EOH) to connect any Community of Need, whether in the United States, the Caribbean or Latin America with an opportunity to secure a Life-Saving Fire or Medical vehicle critical to their safety and well-being.

  • What is The Alanis & Adonis Foundation? Engines of Hope Founder and President, Rinaldy Gutierrez (see Leadership tab) saw a critical need for Life Saving vehicles and equipment for communities in need in his native Dominican Republic. Rinaldy’s vision of care and compassion extended past his homeland and will include our mission to provide Life Saving Vehicles and Equipment to ANY community in need, whether in the United States or beyond. As important, Rinaldy wanted to pass on the important need of community and responsibility as an example for his children and the next generation. The Alanis (Rinaldy’s daughter) & Adonis (Rinaldy’s son) Foundation D.B.A. Engines of Hope is a salute to our future and hope that our kids will continue to assist with the needs of people less fortunate than them (and us).

  • Is my donation tax deductible? Engines of Hope as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization is a tax-deductible donation.

  • How much of my donation goes toward providing Communities in Need with Life Saving vehicles and equipment? Engines of Hope is led and managed by a 100% volunteer effort. The principal expenditures of EOH will consist of communications, equipment acquisition, vehicle/equipment transportation and logistics. Please refer to EOH’s annual 501(3)(C) transparent filings which will be posted on EnginesofHope.org